Frequently asked questions about participating in the CREP program

Who can participate in CREP?

Most rural, unforested areas within 180-feet of streams, ponds, lakes, and wetlands with open water are eligible. Even very small and seasonal streams qualify! Forested buffers must be at least 35-feet wide, and buffers over 50-feet wide earn substantially more. You do not need to be a farmer to participate! Areas with more than one-third coverage by existing trees and shrubs are not eligible.

How can CREP benefit me?

What are my responsibilities once enrolled?

Landowners that participate in CREP are responsible for ensuring that their forested buffers are successfully established. Success is measured as 70 percent tree survival after three years. Contracts are 10 or 15 years in length.

*information from Forested Buffers through United States Department of Agriculture’s Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program produced by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.